Quickstart – Monthly Pack

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A great package for someone who wants to include Herbalife products as a part of a healthy and balanced diet, or for someone who wish to try out the Herbalife programme. It is enough for 1 healthy, low-cal meal per day for around a month, and also comes with addition Multivitamin tablets and Fiber tablets.

Package Includes

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Herbalife Formula 1 Shake

The award winning, world famous healthy meal replacement. Contains only 220kCal per serving, comes in 8 delicious flavours, and is a great meal for anyone who is looking for a nutritious and natural calorie-controlled meal.

Multivitamin Complex

Gives you all the recommended daily doses of important Vitamins and minerals that may be hard to get through food alone. A great aid to your immune system and general health.

Fibre & Herb Tablets

Combination of soluble and insoluble fibre that helps keep you full, promotes regular bowel movements and speeds up the transit of food through your gut.


Replace 1 or 2 meals per day with the Herbalife shake (1 meal if you wish to maintain your weight, 2 if you wish to lose weight). Just mix 2 flat tablespoons of the shake with 250ml of skim milk or iced water, and prepare in a shaker or blender.

Take 1 Multivitamin tablet before each main meal – 3 per day in total.

Take 2 Fibre tablets before each main meal – 6 per day in total.