Weight Loss Starter – Monthly Pack

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The Weight Loss Basic is a monthly packages that includes 5 of the most important Herbalife products for your weight loss plan. It gives you 2 delicious, healthy low-calorie meals every day, a Vitamin supplement to boost your immune system and help speed up weight loss, Fibre tablets to help rid your body of toxins, and a fat burning tea.

Package Includes

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Herbalife Formula 1 Shake

This package comes with 2 tubs of the famous Herbalife shake, which will be your meal 2 times a day. The F1 shake is a healthy, delicious low calorie meal that takes only seconds to prepare, and is the most famous Herbalife product.

Fibre & Herb Tablets

Fibre is an integral part of a healthy diet, but unfortunately most of us don’t get enough of it during the day. Additional fibre helps promote healthy bowel movements, soothes your stomach, and expels toxins from your body.

Multivitamin Complex

This unique blend of vitamins and minerals will strengthen your immune system and get your body in the best shape possible to speed up weight loss.

Herbalife Tea

A blend of green and black teas, it is a gentle tasting drink that helps burn fat and increases your energy and attention.


Replace 2 daily meals with the Herbalife shake. Just mix 2 flat tablespoons with 250ml of skim milk or water, and mix in a shaker or blender.